Hannah Walker

How To Make Your Own Shampoo

In today's market shampoos do not cause much confidence in terms of quality, on the contrary, we are witnessing a continuous unhealthy chemistry. We propose to make a homemade shampoo with your own hands.

The process of manufacturing.

1. To start we prepare all the necessary ingredients to be at hand.

2. Pre-dilute preservative (potassium sorbate), we will need just a little of it, on the tip of a teaspoon and dilute with 1 teaspoon of tepid water.

3. We add 20 ml of it to the glass.

4. We heat the base in a bain-marie to a temperature of 30-35 degrees, it is necessary that all the ingredients are well mixed with each other.

5. Now we add some liquid. I first added rosmarinic water 30 ml.

6. We add a preservative.

7. Then we add kelp extract.

8. Add D-panthenol.

9. Add the glycerin.

10. We add polysorbate (for the oil and water to mix up).

11. Then we add oils.

12. Add vitamins А, Е.

13. Add flavor. I’ve got a perfumed one.

14. Mix well. The sequence of adding the components is not so important, so add in any order, starting with n. 7 to n. 12.

15. And now look at the consistency. If it is too thin, add brine until it thickens as we need. If it does not thicken and is very thin, add a little base and mix well, if on the contrary it turned out to be too thick - add some liquid.

16. Fill in the contents in a jar. I picked up the jar with dispenser, it is more convenient and there is less contact with the external environment, respectively it lasts for longer, besides the smell is less worn off. This jar lasted for three weeks of use, with the frequency of washing in about a day with the average length of hair.


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