Payton Mendoza

How To Make Wire Jewelry

There is the whole heap of difficult master classes in production of similar wire jewelry, but this simple and basic part of this technique.

The following will be required to us:

  • Wire (ordinary, brass or art);
  • Bead (natural stone or large beads);
  • Flat-nose pliers are ordinary;
  • Flat-nose pliers with a bent "beak" (optionally).

1. Cut off a piece of a wire long about 15-20 cm. Put on a bead a wire, place it in the center. On a photo for convenience special jeweler diameter, for adjustment of the size is used. But you can take something round, coinciding on diameter with a finger. Wrap up a wire around so that both ends looked in different directions.

2. Pulling a wire rather strongly, wrap up it around a bead of 1 times.

3. Repeat a step 2, watching that each line of a wire "laid down" below previous.

4. And one more circle.

5. If you already gathered 4-5 layers around a bead, then it is possible to start end of a ring.

6. Before finishing a ring, cut off an excess wire (if is), having left 1-1, 5 cm since each end.

7. Wrap up the end of a wire around one side of a ring. Try as it is possible to pull stronger a wire to receive equal loops.

8. Repeat on the other hand, having made 3-4 loops. Cut off an excess wire so that it came to an end on the top side of a rim (if to make it in the middle of a rim, then the ringlet can prick a finger).

9. If you have flat-nose pliers with the bent nose, then flatten a tip of a wire and press it to a ring rim as it is possible stronger. In principle, it can be done and simple flat-nose pliers, but it will be slightly more difficult.

10. Accurately squeeze loops by means of flat-nose pliers that they lay more densely to each other.


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