Kate Johnston

How To Make A Marionette

It is no secret that up to a certain age, children love to play with puppets. Become adults, they forget about the kewpies and princesses, moving to other, more serious games. But there are puppets not only children but even adults are willing to play. It is a puppet-marionette, which is obedient to every movement of the hand of a puppeteer. To learn how to make a marionette with your own hands will be discussed in our master class.

To make a marionette we need:

  • paper;
  • markers;
  • plasticine;
  • napkins;
  • cardboard;
  • newspapers;
  • cord;
  • wire;
  • sintepon;
  • synthetic fabric;
  • thread;
  • glue;
  • grosgrain ribbon;
  • screws;
  • wooden planks;
  • fishing line.

Let’s start making. Any creative work begins with a sketch. We draw a sketch of the future marionette.

On paper we draw a sketch of our life-size marionette, dividing it into sectors.

From the plasticine we make blanks for a head and shoes of our marionette.

Paste our blanks with layers of paper or napkin and lay aside to dry.

We cut out of cardboard parts of the body.

Paste cardboard parts by newspapers, giving volume and forming the bars of them.

We cut the blanks of a head and shoes into two parts and take plasticine out of them. In one part of the the head we glue a cord, and in the second - small ears of a clip.

We glue up the halves of a head, the halves of shoes. We sew palms of light fabric and strengthen them with wire frame.

Turn the head of a marionette by light knitted fabric, putting under it a layer of sintepon. We draw the eyes, nose and mouth on a fabric.

We put together the skeleton of our marionette using a grosgrain ribbon, thread and glue.

We attach a head to the body.

For a marionette to be soft, we wrap its body and limbs in the sintepon, securing it with the thread.

We sew up the body of a marionette with a knitted fabric.

We attach a beard and hair to the marionette.

We draw a sketch of the most important parts of a marionette, with the help of which it will be controlled - crowbars.

In accordance with the sketch we make a crowbar made of wooden planks at the ends of which we screw the screws.

We dress the marionette up in a costume made from the oddments of different fabrics.

We screw into the body of the marionette the screws at those points where control thread will be mounted.

Our wonderful toy-marionette made with your own hands is ready!


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