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 Okay for this blog,(which took me forever to decide to do), I'm going to tell you about the different art shows I displayed my work at.  Art Westport was lovely and I got to meet a lot of nice people at.  Above you see my booth shot for this show.   We have one of my looms,because I was working on a piece.  Several people didn't realize the paintings were bead weaving until the saw me weaving,so I will be weaving in my booth if we live to see next year.  That is to be clear if Trump and Kim Jong  haven't gotten us into a Nuclear war.  I would love to put those two in a cage and watch them duke it out.   No bets on who would win,because, I honestly don't care. 

  We are in the process of re-framing and you can see some of the new frames on the paintings.   The wiz made these new frames and we agree that they are perfect for this work.  We are getting new glass cut.   He is also going to be making new looms and we are going to be selling them on line.  I'll probable be doing a blog spot on that.   People didn't seem to have money at either jewish culture fest or Westport.

     This piece is called American Statement and it and Dyslexia,(below),and others were big hits.  The only people who gave me greif about them were crazy people.  I am going tell you about one argument: A young man with an older couple all of whom were obviously disturbed said to me:

"Are you calling our founding fathers terrorist?!"

"No",I responded,"Read the piece."

"I don't understand,are you calling them fascists?"

"No", I said starting to get annoyed,"All the piece is about is freedom of Speech."

He did not read the piece, and then he was somewhat incoherent.  He said he had been a liberal and they let him down in 2016 so he had joined the new liberals called the Republican party.  He had a somewhat zealot glint in his eyes at this point and I think he was trying to convince me of something.   It had the feel of a bible thumper,(true believer)expounding what they believe to be an absolute truth and if you'd only listen with your,"heart" open you would believe too.   This of course had the effect of thoroughly angering me and I said to him:

"I used to only think Republicans were scum of the earth,but now that proved they are scum I will never ever vote for them.  They have gone batshit and thoroughly crazy."  He argued with me a couple of seconds and he and the older couple left.  I will be honest with you I was not interested in convincing them of anything,I did not feel any warm and fuzzy feelings toward them,and I was very glad that they left.  I honestly hope that I never see them again and my feelings are that I don't want them to ever vote again.  I don't even want to hear their story.

The piece below is called Republican and yes I mean it and I'm not at all sorry.  I left this piece unframed,so people could look at what comes off the loom.  It made several people laugh.   My neighbor Charlie would like to have it after it's framed and I would like him to have it after we frame it.  He is a new father and very a very sweet man.  I think he is a high school teacher and he had lino prints.  One of which I liked so I will probably trade him a print.


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